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Youth Martial Arts

At Miller's Martial Arts we teach youth respect, self-discipline, focus and self confidence through martial arts!..


RIBEIRO Brothers Brazilian JIU JITSU

Come see for yourself why Miller's Martial Arts Academy is the #1 choice for beginners in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu...



Want to know the secret to getting in great shape? Our expert instrustional staff will give you a great workout using different equipment


Birthday Parties

Kick Back while an instructor and staff host the best birthday party ever! Just bring your cake and your camera and we’ll…


What Our Happy Students Have To Say on Facebook, Google and Yelp

Steve Brown

It has been 16 years and going strong with MMAA. We were looking for a martial arts program for our son who was 5 at the time (he is now 21) and found MMAA. I have to admit that training he received at MMAA went far beyond self-defense. The life skills incorporated into the curriculum help to mold him into the man he is today. I am proud to be affiliated with such a fine organization as MMAA.
- Steve Brown

Dan S

I have a 7 year old boy and a 10 year old girl. Both my kids love the Miller Martial Arts program. Martial arts training along with daily discussion and lessons regarding ethics, morals, consideration, and respect. We are thrilled to have found a program where our family values are reinforced by instructors that care about the kids.
- Dan S

Michelle M

Traveling solo for work inspired me to take an adult co-ed self-defense course at MMAA and over the years I’ve had a consistently fantastic experience learning a mix of kick-boxing, muay thai, jeet kune do and now Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I so wish I had started as kid. As it is, Miller’s is an exceptional martial arts school for the young or old, male or female. Everyone at Miller’s creates a safe, supportive, family friendly environment and as a long-time student in the adult programs the teaching continues to give me well balanced and engaging work-outs as well as the confidence to continue on in my training. MMAA was a great discovery for me.
- Michelle M

Cristian Diaconu

I have just started BJJ at MMAA so, unlike other commenters, I cannot offer the long term perspective. But I have trained for 18 years in Shotokan Karate before (3rd degree black belt) and joined (and taught) in multiple schools during that time. Based on this experience I have a sense of what a good school should feel like: it's attention to detail, enthusiasm from instructors and students alike, a sense of a close-knit community and willingness to share and help each other out. Miller's Martial Arts excels on all of these metrics. 6 months ago, when I started, I had no intention of joining a martial arts school - I was just looking for a place where my daughter could work out after school. But the place has quickly won me over and I could not be happier with my choice.
- Cristian Diaconu

Chinda Tilson

MMAA is an amazing program that promotes inclusiveness, strength training, confidence building, and life skills in a warm and friendly environment. Professor Miller and his dedicated staff take the time to get to know their students, helps them build their skills, and is always positive! As an adult learning Jiu Jitsu, I appreciate the life skill I am building so that I can practice self-defense, become stronger, and gain more confidence. Since starting in Nov 2015, I have managed to lose 10lbs and keep it off! (Even during the holidays!) I credit this with the conditioning and inspiring message and lessons learned on the mat. No egos at this facility! Everyone is humble, warm, and inviting!
- Chinda Tilson

Lindsay Strong Cornelius

My boys are both in classes here and loving it. The teachers are all fantastic: they are good instructors that can smile and joke while still commanding the students' attention and respect. The curriculum includes so many aspects of martial arts, including life skills such as grit and perseverance. I highly recommend this program!
- Lindsay Strong Cornelius

Juan Carlos Villalba

My child has had a wonderful time learning at MMAA with the wonderful, kind, and charismatic staff there. They teach many necessary life skills over the year, and they reinforce the life skill with their mat - chats. They even extend their support to the family itself. I would definitely recommend MMAA to anybody, as they have helped me lose weight as well.
- Juan Carlos Villalba

Chuck Siegmund

Amazing martial arts training center 4 kids - all levels and they are next level #B0$$
- Chuck Siegmund

Monica Mutis

As parents, we are so grateful for the experience our son has gained. MMAA reinforces respect, discipline, and other life skills with their monthly life skill themes and mat - chats. I would recommend MMAA to any family.
- Monica Mutis

Jake Herber

I loved going to this place. A great memory as a kid and has taught me respect as well as self control. MMAA was one of the best things my parents could have done for myself as a child. The instructors are insanely kind and treat everyone with respect. I achieved my black belt after long determination. I'll be back soon.
- Jake Herber

Melissa Speed

So great with my little boy. He is 4 years old and loves his teacher and is learning to listen with discipline.
- Melissa Speed

Erik Eliasen

Professor Korbett Miller and the millers staff make this dojo a special place to train. The students are like family and the jiujitsu is off the hook. I really can't explain how much this place as transformed me as a human being. And am very glad to call it home:-)
- Erik Eliasen

Katie Wichman

My boys just began taking lessons here and as an educator myself, I was very impressed with all the instructors as well as the curriculum.
- Katie Wichman

Carol Wyman Walker

Bought this on a groupon, stayed because it's fantastic!! Never felt better or stronger!
- Carol Wyman Walker

Dean Toews

Why would you not want to train with a World Champion Jiu Jitsu Player? Korbett is a solid instructor who cares about his students.
- Dean Toews


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