System Tuesday Primary Floor Staff Michal

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Tuesday Assistant Checklist

Wipe the baseboards and the window shelf by Sherri’s office with Lysol wipes
Throw out all lifeksills assignements extra papers on the instructors station.
Take attendance for every class
What are the handout/annoucnements?
List what you should hand out.

Are there enough handout for all classes for the day?
If no, let Sherri know.
4 Black, Green, Red, Blue, White Stripes under keyboard
Dust instructors station
All flat surfaces are dusted, throw away all the extra papers.
Clean professors office sweep, straighten and look ready for meetings.
535 Wear Gloves, Clean toilets inside, the seat with clorax wipes, wipe sink and any wetness on the floors.
Dust the base and the tops of every wavebag
At the end of you shift all the floor is reset (pads, balls, kali sticks all put away). 
Run the hoakie in the viweing area always say excuse me.