System Wednesday Primary Floor Staff Hemet

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Monday Assistant Checklist

Clean the instructors station with lysol wipes, all extra papers thrown away.
All flat surfaces at dusted with the wipe, keyboard, monitor etc!
Take attendance for every class
What are the handout/annoucnements?
List what you should hand out.

Are there enough handouts for all classes for the day?
Make sure you have enough, if not let Sherri know.
4 Black, Green, Red, Blue, White Stripes under keyboard
Clean professors office sweep, straighten and look ready for meetings.
Pay attention to hairs on the mat, dust the corners, plug in the heater, turn on fan, open door
535 Wear Gloves, Clean toilets inside, the seat with clorax wipes, wipe sink and any wetness on the floors.

535 Bathroom Cleanup

Finish the floor (all gear put away every night, all notebooks in the black bookcase.)
All gear goes away at the end of your shift. Non is left on the floor
Run the Hoakie at 535pm always say excuse me with families