System Wednesday Primary Floor Staff Michal

Wednesday Assistant Checklist

Organize lost and found separate between gear with and without names.
Put in appropriate blue containers
Throw out old lifeskills assignments.
Take attendance for every class
What are the handout/annoucnements?
List what you should hand out.

Are there enough handouts for all classes for the day?
If not, let Sherri know.
4 Black, Green, Red, Blue, White Stripes under keyboard
Dust instructors station
Clean professors office sweep, straighten and look ready for meetings.
535 Clean toilets (leave blue liquid so people will see it) Wipe sink
Dust the base and the tops of every wavebag
Cobweb patrol
On the floor use bo staff of the duster.
Dust Black Belt Club Wall
Run the Hoakie in the viewing area, say excuse me around families.