#1 Here are our Schedules

Little Ninja (4-7 years old)

Monday – Thursday

4:25pm Open Enrollment

5:00pm Waitlist



Junior (8 -12 years old)

Monday – Thursday

4:00pm Open Enrollment

445pm Waitlist

530pm (T-Th) Waitlist

#2 Introductory Lesson Pricing


WARNING only purchase the introductory course if you can comfortably make the non-wait listed classes. Please feel free to join the waitlist for our programs above. We will be in contact as soon as a spot open, first come first serve.  Normally our introductory lesson is $49. Since you are contacting us through our website we are discounting that course fee down to $29. It’s a great way to test drive our program.

The course includes.

  1. Official Uniform GI and Belt
  2. One private class with a Black Belt Instructor
  3. One group class

Buy Now

Our introductory lessons are awesome!

If you are dissatisfied for any reason with our introductory lesson we will refund your lesson fee.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!

#3 Report on how to choose the best martial arts school for your child.

Please check your email inbox and you will receive a document containing the free report.
We hope to see you soon for our introductory program.