System Friday All Staff Checklist

Friday All Staff Meeting

All staff done together

All Staff Cleanup

Done from 230pm to 300pm

Class Planning

300pm to 320pm
Where all the checklists done this week for each 
A check means it was done.
Clean the 6 corners on the mat. Make sure everything is moved. 
(there are 6 corners on the mat count each corner and sweep it)
General cleanup done 
Attack lost and found clean the belt storage area and the window 
(pick things up off floor, smelly gis go) Chris does while BM and Sherri Card Count)
Card count
Include Jr. BB, Teens, Adults (Brandon and Sherri)
Interpret the stats for this week? 
Look at ratios, whats limiting us, what can we do to improve

Challenges from this week?

Create class planners for next week and BBC on ink boarrd
What are the special events?
Do we need to prep any gear, any promo material?