We think the answer is yes, Miller’s Martial Arts can be a great way of developing your child’s character and self-discipline….oh yea, it’s also fun too!!

During the summer you may have a little more free time to try new activities. If you have never considered martial arts training, you may want to think about using this spare time to give your child a new experience that can help them in many different ways.

There are so many great benefits to martial arts training that you may not even be aware of. The primary benefit for youth martial arts is developing character.  At Miller’s Martial Arts Academy during the summer we have a special life skills training module called the 8 Weeks of Excellence program.  This activity will help your child with various ways to develop character traits like grit.  Here is a screenshot from one of the activities, called AOK’s Acts of Kindness.  One of the first missions for the students is to go around the house doing Acts of Kindness.  This is a way to help reinforce for the students one of the most important benefit of martial arts, Respect.

Other ideas in the summer Liifeskills journal is AOD’s (acts of discipline), mentoring, and journal writing.  These are all great personal development traits and habits we encourage with our students.  Here is a sample of our weekly journal.

AOD_s (1)

Not only do kids develop great character traits, but the martial arts training we work on with the students is top-notch.  Our students routinely compete, and win, in tournaments buyessay all over the Pacific Northwest.  Although competition is optional, it’s a great “barometer” of how our school stacks up against other school in the area.

If you are interested in learning more about our martial arts program click here to learn more about our summer program.